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Operations Section Chief

Course Length

The course lasts 28 hours and is divided in two distinct sections:

• Part "Classroom Training": 24 hours

• Exercise in the simulator SEILAF: 4 hours


To access this course, you must be in possession of any of the following positions:

• Head of Sector / Division

• Director of Extinction Attack Targets Expanded

• After completing the course the student will have the ability to manage and implement appropriate tactics to various forest fire situations, with different resources, organized into strike teams or working groups

• Acquire the ability to perform the duties and skills of a Operations Section Head

• Know the four basic functions of a Operations Section Head: gathering information, strategic meetings, the preparation of the Action Plan and the role of Head of Operations in resource mobilization and demobilization

• Reach supervisory responsibilities: leading sessions for each operational period, management of the operations section, risk assessment and safety management, situation assessment and adjustment of strategies and tactics


24h classroom modules

4h Simulator Training


• Teaching strategies of classroom training will be based on lectures established format where the Active School Instructor offers students learning environments that encourage a resource-rich teamwork. It will therefore be centred on learning student activity, through the resolution of case studies and exercises in teams.


• Student Evaluation Criteria

• Assimilation of contents

• Implementation of contents to specific situations

• Willingness to participate actively in the various activities and tasks during both on-line and in personal training

• General arrangement teamwork

• Acquisition of skills and competencies

• Instruments used to assess

• Interviews with instructors

• Monitoring participation

• Multiple choice questions

• Theoretical and practical exercises

• Tactical Exercises

• Scorecard FE_JSO_01 simulator

• Equivalent to S430 Operation Section Chief of NWCG

301Operations Head24
ES005Operations Head (Simulator)4
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