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Initial Attack Commander

Course Length

The course has a total duration of 102 hours, divided in:

• Part "On-line": 84 hours

• Part "A Classroom Training": 16 hours

• Exercise in the simulator SEILAF: 2 hours


• Acquire basic skills such as leadership, management and communications resources. Homologous with a Level 3 certification NWCG

• Gather and document essential information for decision-making of the fire

• Assess the potential of fire

• Develop an Action Plan

• Train to evaluate the plan and make adjustments as needed

• Achieve Manage fire using safe and effective leadership


84h Online Modules

16h Classroom Modules

2h Simulator Training


• Teaching strategies on-line course will be based on Flash presentations and access (links) to existing public documents on the Internet

• Teaching strategies of classroom training will be based on lectures established format where the Active School instructor offers students learning environments that encourage resource-rich teamwork. Therefore, it will be centred on learning student activity, through the resolution of case studies and exercises in teams.


• Student Evaluation Criteria

• Assimilation of contents

• Implementation of contents to specific situations

• Willingness to participate actively in the various activities and tasks during both on-line and in personal training

• General arrangement teamwork

• Acquisition of skills and competencies

• Instruments used to assess

• Interviews with instructors

• Monitoring participation

• Multiple choice questions

• Theoretical and practical exercises

• Tactical Exercises

• Scorecard FE_DTE_03 simulator

• Equivalent Initial Attack Incident Commander S200 NWCG

001Wildfire Operations24
002Fire Behavior Principles10
003Emergency Management System (SMEIF)4
004Human Factors6
006Forestry Firefighter8
007Aircraft Operation Principles20
107Initial Attack Commander16
ES001Initial Attack Director (Simulator)2
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