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The use of simulators for training in the operation of aircraft is widespread all over the world for many reasons, especially because the cost of synthetic training operation is lower than that of an aircraft. In addition, the safety of crew and of the aircraft itself is bigger.


In SEILAF we have experienced and highly qualified instructors, not only in the field of commercial flights operations, but also in emergency situations and especially in firefighting missions.

Courses Seilaf » Flight simulation training

Type Rating Training B-412 (INITIAL)

Initial course in order to obtain type rating in Bell 212/412.Training courses for obtaining the qualification will be developed by a FTO (Organización de entrenamiento de vuelo in Spanish) or a TRTO (Type Rating Training Organization).

Renewal Type Rating Training B-412.

Renewal: Administrative action that is performed after a rating or approval has lapsed. It renews the privileges of the same once they have fulfilled the requirements, for a period of time.

Multi Engine Type Ratings MET(H)

With us you can purchase a wide variety of type ratings acc. JAR-FCL 2, depending on the classification of the type of helicopter VFR and / or IFR. If you already have a multi-type classification, sometimes you may need a complementary course to acquire another MET (H) type.

IR Monomotor IR Multi Motor

Here you will find the type ratings you need for single and multiple engine. Multi engine type ratings. If you already have a type of single-engine, is likely to obtain credit to purchase another SE (H) type. We will be delighted to provide more information.

IR Bell 412 Renovación. Instrument Rating Bell 412

We offer all kind of facilities for renewal or revalidation IR. Top quality at the lowest price.

Crew Resource Management Courses

We offer training and recurrent training of your team acc. EU OPS. The whole package or just carefree as a module in its overall concept. Our instructors are experienced in the fields of emergencies/ safety, fires, rescues, all types of aerial work - and external load flights. So we can provide an optimal training concept. We provide crew training in the following areas:

Crew Resource Management (CRM)

Dangerous freights

External load

Off Shore Operations

Operator Proficiency Check (OPC)

• ICAO test language

MCC-Multi Crew Coordination. VFR (Visual Flight Rules)

 VFR Acquisitionand / or IFR MET (H) by type of qualification. JAR-FCL 2. Theoretical:

• 24 hours of lower-class Practical Training Using a flight simulator

8 hours flight simulator

• 2 hours in a simulator helicopter Unused

• 8 hours Practical exam helicopter

ca. Simulator 2 hours or its equivalent in a helicopter


Agroforestry Type Rating

Through this course you will get limited Agroforestry Type Ratings  against forest fires and coordination tasks, issued by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, as the Order FOM/395/2007.

Renewal and revalidation Agroforestry

We offer all kind of facilities for renewal or revalidation of the rating Agroforestry. In a minimum time with maximum guarantees training, safety and quality.

Bell 212/412 Differences course

Obtaining of type rating qualification in Bell 412 by pilots with previous qualification in Bell 212.

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