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Specialized SEILAF helicopter pilots aimed at professionals and forest fire.

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Through SEILAF you will be able to meet real time simulation. Thanks to its high capacity process, it reproduces a high accuracy information in an extremely realistic way to the students´ senses.

A total immersion in a firefighting situation presented in a believable way to the students´ senses.

This way, a pilot can feel the loss of ground clearance while entering a smoke zone or its pitching up while releasing water over a fire.


The whole operation can be being seen from his own perspective at around 2,000 feet by an Aerial Means Coordinator and, this way, making an optimal use of resources, as well as guaranteeing everyone´s security, coordinate not only this one but also many other participating aircrafts in a perfect whirligig.

Meanwhile, from the Control Base, the Extinction Technical Director controls the whole aerial and terrestrial tactical operative, managing the operations in front of a wide panoramic view of the fire, in the same environment and with the same media which will be at his disposal in a real life situation. 



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